Saturday, 31 August 2019

New Music: Avala – Mo Fe Be

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Since leaving the Big Brother House, Avala has been hard at work, collaborating on projects, networking and interacting with her rapidly growing global audience.
All of these new experiences have shaped the shy, quiet girl that was Avala into the fresh, sexy, thriving afro-house artiste that she is today, and she channels that energy into her new single “Mo Fe Be,” a Yoruba phrase that translates in English to “I want it like that.”

Ghanian Actress Joselyn Dumas Is In A Thankful Mode as she Celebrates Birthday

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Top Ghanaian actress, Jocelyn Dumas, is in a thankful mood as she turns a year older today, August 31, 2019.
To celebrate turning 35, the curvy beauty released some stunning photos on her social media to appreciate the woman she is becoming.
she wrote;
Dear God, for the woman I’m becoming and for everything… I’m thankful.. happy birthday to me 31.08 .’

Jeff Bezos, 55, and Lauren Sanchez, 49, put on public display of affection as they kiss & cuddle during a trip to Venice (Photos)

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Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez looked so in love with each other during a recent romantic trip to Venice, Italy. 

On Thursday evening (August 29), the couple were pictured aboard a yacht in Venice putting on a very public display of affection as they kissed, cuddled, and giggled.
Jeff, 55, and Lauren, 49, who were aboard designer Diane von Furstenberg and her media tycoon husband Barry Diller's $70 million yacht were also joined by two other guests.  

In January, Bezos announced that he and his wife MacKenzie were splitting after 25 years of marriage because of his affair with Sanchez, who at that time was in the process of divorcing her Hollywood agent husband, Patrick Whitesell.

Africans Have Money And Live Better Lives Than Most Americans - Huddah Monroe Reacts To New US immigration policy

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Huddah Monroe in a swift reaction to the new US immigration policy, stated that most Africans have money and live better lives than most Americans. 

Following earlier news report that President Donald Trump's administration cancelled automatic citizenship for the children of some US service members and US government employees living abroad and children of non-citizens born in the United States. 

The Kenyan socialite and businesswoman however rubbished the new policy alert as she recalled her experience of living in the United States for 6 months. Huddah Monroe alleged that the North American country is a debt society where most people live off credit. She further stated that she travels around the world so no one will lie to her. 

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Abusing Codeine Led To His Seizures And Hospitalization - Rick Ross Admits

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Rick Ross has finally revealed what led to his 2018 hospitalization and near-death experience after he suffered seizures.

The 43-year-old rapper sat down with People magazine to talk about his new autobiography titled “Hurricanes.” The book details his life, childhood, rap beefs, stardom, and his battles. 

According to him, the inspiration for the book came after his 2018 hospitalization for a major seizure that changed his life.

“When I woke up in the hospital and I had so many people around me, so many homies, it felt like I was in V.I.P. or some s—,” he said. “But it was more like ‘Damn, we gotta do some special things.’

“It was the codeine. That mixed with the things I was drinking, the other drugs I was doing, and on top of not resting. [I don’t think] one particular thing would have killed me. But everything combined?”

India Declares 1.9 Million Citizens 'Illegal Foreigners'

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India has published the final version of a list which effectively strips about 1.9 million people in the north-eastern state of Assam of their citizenship.  

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a list of people who can prove they came to the state by 24 March 1971, the day before neighbouring Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan.

People left off the list will have 120 days to appeal against their exclusion. Its however unclear what happens next.  

India says the process is needed to identify illegal Bangladeshi migrants. It has already detained thousands of people suspected of being foreigners in temporary camps which are housed in the state's prisons, but deportation is currently not an option for the country.  

The process has also sparked criticism of "witch hunts" against Assam's ethnic minorities. A draft version of the list published last year had four million people excluded.

Thousands Of Fans Troop Out Pay Tribute To Late DJ Arafat At His Burial 'concert' (Photos)

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Last night, thousands of fans and well wishers gathered in Ivory Coast's capital Abidjan to pay tribute to musician DJ Arafat.  

The 33 year old Ivorian, whose real name was Ange Didier Huon, died in a motorcycle accident earlier this month. Hundreds of Ivorian artists took part in a stadium concert, with President Alassane Ouattara among its attendees.  

His coffin was later brought to the stadium and then carried away to a local cemetery for burial.
The concert was organised after a successful online petition which called on the government to allow the use of Félix Houphouët Boigny stadium, which seats 35,000 people. The government also pledged $250,000 towards the event and said it would pay for Huon's funeral ceremony.

DJ Arafat in his lifetime was one of the most popular African musicians in the Francophone world, and had been referred to as the "king" of coupé-décalé, an Ivorian form of dance music.  

Mikel Obi's Partner, Olga Diyachenko, Reacts To News Of Their 'break up'

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Mikel Obi's partner, Olga Diyachenko has reacted to media reports about her alleged plan to dump him, over the footballer's recent move to Turkey.

The report by AOI Football claimed that, 'a very close source to the family stated categorically that the situation could go really sour after Olga told Mikel that she will no longer come to Turkey with her children.
“I can confirm to you that all is not seemingly fine with them. Olga doesn’t like the city and has taken the children back to their base. “In fact, she warned him against the move to Turkey but he convinced her about it. Now she came visiting and doesn’t like it; the kids do not also like it there in Turkey which could now be a problem for Mikel.
“Now Olga has told Mikel that she won’t return to visit him again which means he won’t also see the kids, leaving Mikel with only the chance of seeing his family in December during the Christmas break, a decision which I understand has left him sad, and may unsettle him” the source revealed.

Olga in her reaction expressed her shock and disappointment in the news and especially her followers who were all 'ecstatic' and 'happy' to hear of the 'break up'.

See her reaction below....

Trump's longtime P.A., Madeline Westerhout Forced To Resign After Leaking Private Information About His Family

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President Trump has confirmed the resignation of his personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, after she divulged personal information about the Trump family during an off-the-record dinner with reporters.

Trump confirmed to reporters on the White House South Lawn that Westerhout had apparently been drinking when she commented on the president's children to reporters.
“I think it was automatic I don’t say ‘fire’ or ‘not fire.’ I really think she had a bad night. I think it was unfortunate. She said she was drinking” Trump told reporters after Westerhout’s departure.

President Trump called Westerhout a "good person" and declared the entire situation "unfortunate," scolding the press for sharing details of an off-the-record conversation. Trump said he loves his younger daughter, Tiffany, after Politico reported Westerhout said the president doesn't like to appear in pictures with her.

The president said he spoke to Westerhout, who was “very upset” and explained to her that she said “things about his children” to reporters off the record.
“I think the press is very dishonest because it was supposed to be off the record, But, still, you don’t say things like she said which were just a little bit hurtful to some people” he said.

Westerhout, one of the few aides remaining from the earliest days of Trump’s administration, abruptly departed from her White House post this week. She kept a low public profile even though she was one of the most influential members of Trump’s team of aides, with a desk just outside the Oval Office.

Her phone regularly buzzed with calls from lawmakers and other top officials seeking to get through to the president.

Nigerian Model With Tribal Marks, Adetutu Alabi Shows Off Her Pubic Hair

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The Nigerian  model Adetutu showed off her pubic hair and new tattoo in a new photo she shared on Facebook. 

The model who before now has shared photos in which she bared her boobs and nipples, went on to reveal why she got the new tattoo. According to the mother of one, getting inked is her own way of getting through a pain she is bearing alone. 

Adetutu wrote; 
Anytime I get inked, I'm trying to get through a pain I am bearing alone. It's always a reminder to myself that I can scale through any life hurdles .
Photo below.

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