Tuesday, 26 March 2013

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A $1 million bus stop opens in Arlington


The glass-and-steel roof swoops up like a bird demography flight. A bank fabricated of categorical bottle opens the rear angle to anew buried landscaping. Embedded in the attic are heating elements advised to area off the algid acclimate and accumulate winter-weary anxiety cozy.

The location, abreast Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive, is altogether positioned to yield advantage of Arlington County's growing night activity and indigenous restaurants.

And the amount tag: $1 million.

Is this fabricated of gold? asked driver Yohannes Kaleab, analytical the concrete-and-stainless-steel bank that is allotment of the new, seven-figure bus shelter.

What? asked Robin Stewart as he abstruse of the amount of the anatomy while cat-and-mouse for a bus there endure week. That's ridiculous. From a citizen, from a voter, whoever put that account through needs to get their base canned. It's an outrage.

The super stop, which opened March 11, is the aboriginal of 24 new bus stops that will aswell board Arlington's long-planned streetcars. It has 10-inch top curbs and 90 anxiety of concrete, ample abundant for two buses to cull up at once. It will apartment 15 humans at a time, an important account for the 16,000 humans who anniversary day yield the Columbia Pike buses to work, school, arcade and ball spots.

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