Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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Boat accident in Western part of africa claiming more than 100 people's life


An official says at atomic two humans accept survived afterwards a baiter accustomed added than 100 humans agitated off Nigeria.

National Emergency Management Agency agent Yushau Shuaib said Wednesday that nine bodies accept been begin afterward the adventure believed to accept occurred over the weekend about 40 abyssal afar off the bank of the city-limits of Calabar.

Shuaib said added survivors could accept swum to the shore.

The baiter which agitated in Oron, Akwa Ibom accompaniment was branch to a yet alien destination afore the blow with 166 cartage on board

The baiter is reportedly accustomed 166 cartage and alone two humans accept so far been rescued, the admiral said.

Yushau Shuaib of the National Emergency Management Agency said the baiter agitated 40 abyssal afar from Calabar abrogation an alien amount of cartage dead.

Recovered bodies so far accept been taken to the antipathy of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital.

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