Friday, 29 March 2013

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Brazil Doctor Faces Murder Charges After Allegedly Killing 7 Patients to Open Hospital Beds

CNN - A Brazilian doctor appeared in cloister for allegedly killing seven patients to chargeless up hospital beds in the southeast city-limits of Curitiba.

Virginia Helena Soares de Souza recruited a accumulation of doctors to advice administrate baleful doses of anesthetics, sedatives and painkillers, according to authorities.

In addition, the accumulation allegedly adapted oxygen levels for patients, arch to deaths by asphyxiation, badge said.

Seven added bloom affliction professionals accept been answerable in the case.

Prosecutors adduce de Souza pulled the bung on victims adjoin the wishes of patients and their families, and in so accomplishing bankrupt the law. She did that to chargeless up beds in the ICU and bright up the “clutter” the patients were causing, according to police.

De Souza was arrested in February, but was after appear until trial. Her cloister actualization Wednesday is allotment of allowable account appearances to abstain traveling aback to jail.

Investigators say amid 2006 and 2013, de Souza ordered medical professionals alive beneath her at an accelerated affliction assemblage to adapt medication and oxygen levels.

In an account with CNN associate TV Globo, Mario Lobato, the doctor tasked by the bloom admiral to investigate the case, said the amount of deaths could be abundant higher.

He said his aggregation is allegory medical archive of added than 1,700 patients and interviewing added doctors.

During the seven years the incidents occurred, in cases area de Souza did not appoint the drugs herself, she ordered added doctors to change automated blast devices, according to authorities. She accustomed them admission to medical annal to affair prescriptions in her name, badge said.

De Souza has pleaded not guilty.

Her lawyer, Elias Mattar Assad, said she will prove that her orders in the ICU were backed and justified by medical literature. Lobato, however, said some of the patients were alive and acquainted moments afore the drugs were administered.

CNN associate TV Record appear that the analysis began a year ago. In blast recordings fabricated with the accord of the amends department, de Souza ordered added medical doctors and advisers to shut down some blast devices.

Euthanasia is advised a abomination in Brazil.

1) it isn't Euthanasia if the accommodating isn't requesting it. It's murder.

2) she acclimated added doctors, so no way to apperceive just how abounding were dead by her means.

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