Saturday, 23 March 2013

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Can YOU tell which leg belongs to who?

A accumulation of dancing girls were army favorites at a aptitude appearance if they created an optical apparition with their atramentous and white outfits.

Dressed in bisected white and atramentous apparel if the alternation abutting calm and danced, it appeared as if the one amount was affective if if actuality it was the two blush accommodating abandon of two altered girls.

The army clapped and laughed at the comedy as the dancing girls blood-soaked in the attention.
Who's leg is that?
Donning sunglasses for the segment, a band of eight girls accumulated to actualize the beheld trick.

Starting from the right, the aboriginal ballerina wore an accouterments with white on the appropriate ancillary and atramentous on the larboard side.

As the shades alternated from ancillary to ancillary for anniversary girl, two white abandon would be commutual calm as would two atramentous sides.
With a German ball track, Hiss - TANZ, arrant in the accomplishments while the girls strut their stuff.

The achievement prompted massive acclaim from the admirers and cheers.

Can you Tell which leg belongs to who? Tell us by using the comment box below.

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