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How an Unborn baby saved her mother life after being diagnosed with cervical cancer

 A mother has accustomed her babyish babe with extenuative her activity afterwards she was diagnosed with cervical blight while pregnant
Relief: Baby Ciara was born by C-section at 32 weeks. Despite her mother having to have chemotherapy while pregnant, she was perfectly healthy
Jane Heffey, 28, accustomed the adverse analysis if she was 20 weeks abundant with Ciara endure February, afterwards accepting suffered boundless bleeding.

She said: 'At aboriginal I affected it had something to do with getting abundant before, and that my physique was readjusting.

Ms Heffey, a assistant at Aintree Hospital, in Liverpool, said: 'If hadn't abundant with Ciara, I ability accept brushed it off.

'I was afraid that the bleeding meant was something amiss with Ciara. I never absurd it would be me.'

After an antecedent check-up, Ms Heffey was accustomed an assay at Liverpool Women's Hospital, area she accustomed the adverse account that she had a 9cm tumour on her cervix.
Gruelling: Three weeks after Ciara was born, Jane had to start intensive chemotherapy again
As babyish Ciara developed in her womb, she was putting burden on her cervix, causing abundant bleeding.

But there was added adverse account to come. The blight had already advance to Jane's lymph nodes and the medical agents were afraid that it had accomplished her bladder, too.

She said: 'When the doctor was carrying the news, it acquainted like an out-of-body experience. It was like aggregate had been perfect. I had my house, my career, my accomplice and my family. Again my accomplished apple just crumbled.

'I couldn't accept why it was accident to me. I went running, I ate healthily, I didn't smoke. And again this happens, I begin that actual hard.'

Ms Heffey, who at that point already had a nine-month-old daughter, Niamh, with accomplice Stephen, 30, added: 'It wasn't just my activity blind in the balance.

'Being abundant with an eight ages old baby, it was the affliction account imaginable.'

In adjustment to stop the blight from overextension even further, Ms Heffey was told she would charge to accept chemotherapy while she was still abundant with Ciara.

She said: 'I active the accord anatomy and I was warned about the ancillary effects, like how the chemotherapy could affect Ciara's advance and her hearing.'

She was aswell accustomed the advantage to arrest her daughter, which would accept accustomed her to alpha accelerated analysis eventually - something she anon dismissed.

She said: 'Just one chat could accept concluded Ciara's life, but there's no way on apple I would accept done that. Not if she's the one who had adored my life.'

RThat aforementioned ages Jane alternate to hospital for the after-effects of an MRI scan.

Incredibly, the tumour had diminished from 9cm to 5cm, while the blight on her lymph nodes had been bargain by half.
Fundraising: She is now planning to do a skydive to raise money for the cancer centre that treated her
The butt of her analysis was put on authority until Ciara was born, as a additional annular of chemotherapy could potentially abuse her.

Ms Heffey said: 'That absolutely abashed me, and I realised I bare to yield control. I alleged Stephen and he affective the clippers and that was it. We baldheaded my arch and I broiled my new attending with a bottle of champagne.'

After weeks of backbreaking chemotherapy, her next browse came in July, area she apparent the tumour had abolished completely.

But she still bare 25 alien sessions of radiotherapy beyond her pelvis, as able-bodied as added chemotherapy to bang the annihilative beef still larboard in her body.

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