Wednesday, 27 March 2013

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Justin Bieber Strikes Back: "I'm Young and I Make Mistakes"

 Justin Bieber defends himself against recent reports that he's on the verge of a breakdown.

Justin Bieber on the border of a breakdown? You bigger NOT accept it. Afterwards a alternation of camp incidents led to belief that Bieber is branch for a meltdown, the 19-year-old pop brilliant defends himself in an absolute chat with him.

"The better delusion about me is that I'm a bad person," confides Bieber. "I get agitated about that. I accept a big heart. I wish to be a acceptable role model, but some humans wish me to fail."

Not that he hasn't about stumbled lately. On Feb. 28, Bieber was photographed branch into his London auberge shirtless. "I still had allotment of my bout apparel on and was hasty into my hotel," explains the "Boyfriend" singer, who was photographed shirtless afresh in an airport in Poland on March 25.

He was aswell ailing in London March 7 afterwards mysteriously amazement on stage, again absolved the streets cutting a gas affectation the aforementioned week.

But the "As Long as You Love Me," accompanist assures, "I anesthetized out from the flu. The affliction affair to me is black my admirers -- we alone had 5 songs larboard -- so they gave me oxygen, and I absitively to accomplishment the appearance and again go to the hospital. The appearance accept to go on."

As for the gas mask, he says it's "a antic with my friends."

"I capital to adumbrate my face from all the cameras," he explains. "They got it as a joke. My accompany and I like messing around.

That said, he admits he's far from perfect. "I'm adolescent and I accomplish mistakes. That's allotment of growing up," he says. "I blend up sometimes. It's allotment of growing up."

Still, Bieber adds, "I'm adolescent and I wish to accept fun. I don't anticipate there is annihilation amiss with that."

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