Friday, 22 March 2013

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Makosi denies Big Brother Africa audition


FORMER UK Big Brother brilliant Makosi Musambasi has denied auditioning for Big Brother Africa afterwards reporters spotted her at a area area interviews were conducted on Tuesday.

Makosi “ rumoured to accept afresh active a accord with a South African TV approach to host a babble appearance “ explains on Thursday that Big Brother does not affection in my adept plan.

When I wish to accomplish suicide, I will audience for Big Brother, she said by blast from Harare.

Makosi said she was at the Rainbow Towers auberge for breakfast.

Makosi attempt to acclaim afterwards actualization alert on the UK Big Brother TV show. She came third in 2006 and was brought aback for an Ultimate Big Brother' featuring the show's best anytime contestants.

Big Brother Africa charcoal a ratings hit in Africa for cable TV approach MNet, although the appearance is crumbling in the UK area it started.

Last year, Zimbabwe's two contestants on the appearance “ Roki Josphats and Maneta Mazanhi “ were kicked out afterwards a action on reside television.

A agitation has been angry in Zimbabwe over whether contestants who go on absoluteness TV shows represent the country or do so in their alone capacities. Many anticipate they represent the country.

Appearing on Brilliant FM on Monday, Makosi was challenged by a woman who accused her of embarrassing the country over an adventure in which it is claimed she had caught sex with a housemate in the pond pool. The woman challenged the above cardiac assistant to apologise.

Makosi attempt back: I anticipate humans should let go of my accomplished because I accept confused on.

The alone being who goes to plan for Zimbabwe is President Robert Mugabe; anybody abroad goes to plan for themselves. Why should it be altered for me?

The alone absolution I charge is from God and I got that already!

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