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Pope Francis explains why he chose the name Francis, and the kind of Church he wants

The Pope on why he chose the name Francis, and the kind of Church he wants to see

Pope Francis has said he wants "a poor Church, for the poor" afterward his acclamation as arch of the world's 1.2bn Catholics on Wednesday.

He said he chose the name Francis afterwards 12-13th Century St Francis of Assisi, who represented "poverty and peace".

He apprenticed journalists to get to apperceive the Church with its "virtues and sins" and to allotment its focus on "truth, advantage and beauty".

Pope Francis takes over from Benedict XVI, who abdicated endure month.

The above Argentine basal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, was the abruptness best of cardinals affair in Rome to accept a new arch of the Church.

In his aboriginal admirers at the Vatican, he said Jesus Christ and not the Pope was the centre of the Church, which he fatigued was "spiritual not political" in nature.

He said the Holy Spirit had aggressive the abandonment of Benedict XVI and guided the cardinals allotment him as the next pontiff.

The Pope said he had been aggressive to yield the name Francis by a Brazilian aide who accepted him and aside "don't overlook the poor" if it was appear that he had been adopted Pope.

He said he anon anticipation of St Francis of Assisi, the Italian architect of the Franciscan Order who was adherent to the poor.

As able-bodied as apery abjection and peace, he said St Francis "loved and looked after" conception - and he acclaimed that altruism was "not accepting a acceptable accord with attributes at the moment".

St Francis of Assisi is said to accept admired animals as his "brothers and sisters" and even to accept preached to birds.

Humour: Pope Benedict, 85, became the first Pope in 600 years to abdicate last month when he said old age and health meant he could no longer continue in the job.

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