Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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Pope Francis four biggest challenges

First, two-thirds of the 1.2 billion Catholics on the planet today reside in the Southern Hemisphere, a allotment projected to ability three-quarters by mid-century. If Catholicism was already a Western faith, associated with institutional ability and privilege, its centermost of force is now in the developing apple and its associates is arch a allotment of the poor.

As the aboriginal pope from Latin America, and the aboriginal pope from alfresco Europe in added than 1,000 years, Francis carries the aspirations and expectations of all those non-Western Catholics with him into the papacy. They will apprehend him to be a tribune for their concerns: the inequities of a globalized economy, the annihilation of war and violence, ecology degradation, and the acumen that all-embracing diplomacy are ample adjoin the interests of abate and poorer nations.

Second, the a lot of agonizing Christian storyline of the aboriginal 21st aeon is the ascent course of anti-Christian abandon and animality in assorted all-around hotspots. From the Middle East to Sub-Saharan Africa, from India to Eritrea, Christians today generally acquisition themselves in the battlefront line, and theyll apprehend the new pope to accept their backs.

The statistics are staggering. According to the All-embracing Society for Human Rights in Frankfurt, Germany, absolutely 80 percent of all acts of religious bigotry in the apple today are directed at Christians. According to the Pew Forum in Washington, Christians face some anatomy of aggravation in 137 nations, two-thirds of all countries on earth.

In the a lot of bone-chilling affirmation of all, the Centermost for the Study of All-around Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Apostolic Seminary claims that an boilerplate of 100,000 Christians accept been dead for the acceptance anniversary year for the accomplished 10 years. That works out to 11 new Christian martyrs every hour of every day for the accomplished decade.

Third, Francis inherits the amateurish business of the accounting animal corruption scandals, which represent the greatest draft to the moral ascendancy of the Catholic Church in centuries. In abounding ways, Benedict XVI was a advocate on the scandals, affair with victims, answer for their adversity and all-embracing a zero tolerance action for abuser priests.

Critics, however, accept the action of ameliorate has a continued way to go, alpha with accountability not just for the priests who corruption but for the bishops who awning it up. The apple will be cat-and-mouse for a bright arresting from Francis that his allegorical closeness to the people includes benevolence for corruption victims, and that prelates who corruption corruption complaints will pay a price.

He'll aswell accept to accomplish harder decisions on added changing questions about the corruption scandals, such as whether to appoint a mandatory reporter action on all bishops worldwide, acute them to broadcast all allegations to civilian badge and prosecutors, and whether to adjustment dioceses to absolution their files on accused priests.

Fourth, Pope Francis aswell inherits a Church in Europe and North America that appears to be added at allowance with the surrounding civil culture.

In the United States, the Catholic bishops and added Christian leaders are still angry with the Obama administering over contraception mandates issued as allotment of bloom affliction reform, with the bogeyman of abiding action and awful accessible fights. In the United Kingdom, several Catholic acceptance agencies accept been shut down afterwards the 2010 Equality Act fabricated it actionable for them to debris to abode accouchement with same-sex couples.

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, advised the arch bookish ablaze a allotment of the American bishops, issued an apocalyptic anticipation in 2010: I apprehend to die in bed, my almsman will die in prison, and his almsman will die a agonize in the accessible square.

Francis will be accepted to ability beyond those accountability lines, reminding Catholics of what they accept in accepted rather than what divides them, and alive out a modus vivendi with an added agnostic civil world.

Despite getting a allegiant apostolic conservative, Francis has a lifetime of acquaintance aural the Jesuit religious order, area the centermost of force tends to be added to the left. Perhaps that accomplishments will accord him a leg up on aggravating to alleviate fractures aural the Church, and in its relationships with the added world.

So far, Pope Francis hasn't fabricated abounding absolute moves to abode these challenges, but he has gone some ambit appear reframing the debate.

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