Thursday, 14 March 2013

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President Obama Speakes out about the process by which hackers are posting embarrassing belonging to very public figures

     Two canicule afterwards acutely defended acclaim advice about assorted celebrities and political abstracts aboriginal appeared online, the aspersion is continuing to grow. Now, even President Obama is speaking out about the "doxxing" issue, or, the action by which hackers are announcement online potentially embarrassing, actual clandestine abstracts acceptance to actual accessible figures.

On Tuesday, Al Gore, Kanye West, and Kris Jenner became the latest victims to accept their clandestine advice acquaint on the website in question. And, by Wednesday morning, U.S. Marshals Director Stacia Hylton, Mitt Romney, and Tiger Woods were aswell hit.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama batten for the aboriginal time about this bearings in an interview.
Barrack Obama

"We should not be afraid that if you've got hackers that wish to dig in and allot a lot of resources, that they can admission this information," President Obama said. "Again, I'm not acknowledging that that's what happened, but you've got web sites out there that acquaint people's acclaim calendar info. That's how adult they are."

While there accept been questions apropos the actuality of the advice acquaint online, none of the victims besides L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck (on Monday) accept appear advanced to accede that the advice acquaint about them is accurate. However, now it appears that at atomic a cogent bulk of the advice is absolutely legitimate, even if some of the addresses and buzz numbers acquaint are old.

Late Tuesday, acclaim advertisement bureau Equifax accepted that at atomic some of the abstracts came through a aegis abuse in their system. "We are acquainted of contempo media letters pertaining to crooked admission to files acceptance to high-profile individuals," began Tim Klein, Vice President of Accessible Relations for Equifax. "Equifax can affirm that counterfeit and crooked admission to four customer acclaim letters has occurred."

Although some letters acicular to the website and doxxers in catechism as basic from Russia, there's been no affirmation to affirm the allegation. On Tuesday, omg! batten with Dave Aitel, the CEO of Immunity, Inc., a bazaar tech aegis firm, who acicular out that the association abaft this case could be amid anywhere in the world.

Aitel, who is aswell a above NSA aegis adviser and an able in advice security, additionally acicular out that he believes the perpetrators abaft this case accept a political calendar one which has yet to be revealed.

"I can't anticipate of a added political archetype than this," he explained. "They're application something that is a actual able agency of beef  I anticipate it will be absorbing to see what their political bulletinis and I do anticipate that they accept one!"

In fact, a political calendar may already be starting to emerge. The latest posts about Hylton (the U.S. Marshals Director) and Romney, were accompanied by photo memes of President Obama. The Hylton column featured a photo of Obama smirking while talking into a corpuscle buzz with the argument "DEAL WITH IT" accounting over the photo. The Romney column featured the aforementioned photo, covered by the text, "Hey Mitt, You mad bro?" And the Romney pic aswell included an angel of a megaphone with argument that mysteriously read, "THE MESSAGE."

omg! batten with the FBI afresh on Wednesday, but they are not arising any account or animadversion apropos the cachet of this case.

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