Saturday, 30 March 2013

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Two British women were gang-raped by kidnappers in Libya.

 A HELPLESS ancestor watched in abhorrence as his two daughters were gang-raped by kidnappers in Libya.

A third British woman was aswell raped in the affliction which lasted several hours.

The three victims ” all aid workers ” were attacked by 5 brutes cutting aggressive uniforms.

The women were a part of a accumulation of humans who had larboard an aid accompany that was branch for Gaza.

They were abducted in the anarchic city-limits of Benghazi aboriginal on Tuesday.

Last night the group, which aswell included two men, were safe at the Turkish delegate in Benghazi ” a extraordinary area for foreigners patrolled by gangs. They are due aback in Britain today.

Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Awadh al-Barassi accursed the horrible act on his Facebook page.

After visiting the women in hospital, he added: They are in a actual bad cerebral state.

A bulletin on the convoy's Facebook page acquaint afore the rapes said: Despite aggravation & corruption from the Egyptian authorities here, we're bent added than ever, to persevere in our aim to bear this aid to Gaza.

Five months ago Islamic fanatics in Benghazi dead US agent Chris Stevens. The above British delegate had aswell been attacked in the city.

The Foreign Office advises adjoin biking to Libya afar from capital trips to Tripoli and a few added places.

In January it apprenticed Brits to leave Benghazi afterwards it became acquainted of a specific and approaching threat.

Advice on its website states: There is a top blackmail from agitation including kidnapping.

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