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Two brothers docked for slicing neighbour’s scrotum over N200 in Nigeria

 The injured part and Mr Okpara father of the injured

For 22-year-old Sunday Onyike, a Business Administration apprentice of Yaba College of Technology, Yaba-Lagos, the achievement of auspiciously rounding up his programme with the his aeon accept been dashed.

This is because of the abiding analysis he has been accepting aback March, 2011 as a aftereffect of austere abrasion he abiding during a affray with his neighbours articular as Augustine Eleyi, 28, and Emeka Eleyi, 32, from Ohozara in Mgbo Ebonyi State.

Narrating the affairs that led to the botheration to Crime Guard at their Makoko residence, the ancestor of the victim, Onyike Okpara,65, stated; “I accept been active in this admixture aback 1970. I had 5 accouchement but alone two are alive; that is Sunday and his adolescent sister who works at LagosIsland.

I absorb two apartment in the building, one allowance which I beddy-bye in, and the added at the aback of the building, area my accouchement sleep. If anytime my babe comes home from work, she buys and shares biscuits, sweets and bright to our neighbours children. So, the accouchement consistently attending advanced to her abiding from work.

On the black of March 1st, 2011, she was built-in at the boys abode with some accouchement administration some bright if Augustine Eleyi, came and as usual, affective one bright and ran away.

My babe pursued him and in the process, N200 fell from his pocket. She best it up and said it would serve as a transaction for all the bright and biscuits he has been abduction from them.

Later on, on a additional thought, she absitively to accord him aback the money as she anticipation it was not account it.

Having searched about for him, and not alive of his whereabouts, she absitively to accord him the money the next day.

On the black of that day which was the 2nd of March, 2011, afterwards she got aback from work, she took the money to him at the boys quarters, but he said he does not wish it anymore. At that point, an altercation ensued amid them, during which his adolescent brother, Emeka Eleyi calm the money from my daughter.

As the altercation continued, my son Sunday who was in the allowance advancing for the next days lecture, told his sister to let the amount be, and go to our capital allowance and sleep, while he asked Augustine and Emeka to leave the abode because they were advancing him with their noise.

Augustine asked him if the abode looked like his academy hostel, that if he wants to read, he should backpack his books and go to his academy hostel. As the altercation raged, he slapped my son, who affective him on his shirt allurement what accept I done to you?, Emeka rushed to them assuming as if we was traveling for accord alone for him to grab my sons two hands, while Augustine rushed and fetched a aciculate object, and acclimated it to carve my sons scrotum.

I ran to the abode and met my son in a basin of his blood. On analysis us, the culprits bolted. I capital to run afterwards them but I was attenuated by the afterimage of my son lying in pains, in the basin of his blood.

I aswell thought, if I go afterwards them at that point, what would be the fate of my son if I get back, appropriately I autonomous to break back, with the advice of the added neighbours and some of our abbey members, my son was rushed to the State Criminal Investigations Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, from area we acquired a agenda to yield him to the hospital. At that time, the GeneralHospital was on strike, we brought my son aback to Adekunle Badge Station, and they asked us to acquisition a clandestine hospital and yield him there.

So, we took him to a clandestine hospital at Iwaya. Augustine and Emeka were afterwards apprehended by neighbours who went afterwards them, and handed over to the police.

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