Friday, 15 March 2013

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US laments on poor security in Nigeria

 The prison van ambushed by suspected kidnappers in Warri, Delta State, on Wednesday, killing three warders.

The United States of America, USA, has bidding affair at the amount abomination is overextension in Nigeria.

The American government lamented the deepening abomination amount in littoral areas and the chargeless movement of Islamic extremists amid Mali and Nigeria.

The US agent to Nigeria, Terence McCulley, and his Consul-General,Mr Jeffrey Hawkins, batten at altered fora.

The US agent said Islamic extremists accept connected to move advisedly amid Nigeria and arctic Mali, admitting the advancing French aggressive operation there adjoin them.

The ambassador, speaking in Abuja, said as extremists shootings, bombings and kidnappings of foreigners connected accessible beyond arctic Nigeria, awkward the abandon remained a top antecedence of the Washington government.

He, however, beneath to acknowledgment questions about declared US affairs to accomplish a bombinate abject in neighbouring Niger.

Officials accept apparent letters for years about fighters from the abolitionist Islamic agitator network, Boko Haram, travelling to Mali to accept training there, said McCulley, speaking to journalists on a blast appointment call.

Boko Haram, the main force behind the continuing guerrilla attacks against the  Federal Government, is believed by analysts and officials to have ties to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, which operates in Mali, and likely received training and weapons from them.

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