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'We are Brothers': New Pope embraces former Pope

Pope Francis and his antecedent Benedict accepted today in a celebrated affair of two popes at Castel Gandolfo.

The men met on the aerodrome at the apostolic summer retreat, afore praying calm in the chapel.
After their private chat, Francis and Benedict were joined for lunch by the two papal secretaries
Benedict offered Francis the kneeler commonly acclimated by the pope if he prays.

But Francis banned to yield it alone, adage 'We're brothers', and the two acclimated a altered kneeler in the pews and prayed together, side-by-side.

Benedict fabricated bright that he deferred to Francis as pope while Francis fabricated bright he advised his antecedent to be a admired brother and equal.
Pope Francis met Benedict, pope emeritus, today at the papal retreat where the retired pontiff is staying
Today's affair is the aboriginal amid two popes in added than 600 years as the Catholic Church finds itself in the abnormal position of accepting two animate at the aforementioned time.

Traveling from the aerodrome to the palazzo, Francis sat on the right-hand ancillary of the car, the acceptable abode of the pope, while Benedict sat on the left.

Francis brought a allowance to Benedict, an figure of the Madonna, and told him that it is accepted as the 'Madonna of Humility.'
Francis presented Benedict with an icon of the Virgin Mary during their meeting
'I anticipation of you,' Francis told him as he presented the gift.

'You gave us so abounding signs of abasement and charity in your pontificate.'

Benedict replied: 'Grazie, grazie.'

Vatican agent Rev. Federico Lombardi said he understands Benedict common his agreement of accordance to the new pope, while Francis thanked Benedict for his ministry.
The two shared a kneeler as they prayed together in the villa's chapel, with Francis rejecting the use of the papal kneeler to share with his 'brother'
He said they both wore white, admitting Benedict was in a simple abbey and a checky white anorak after the acceptable bandage and cape beat by Francis.

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