Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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Woman with 5 husbands who are all brothers - and she sleeps with a different one each night

Rajo Verma, 21, lives in a one-room berth with all five, sleeping with a altered one anniversary night on a rota. The housewife has no abstraction which one is the ancestor of her toddler son. She said: Initially it acquainted a bit awkward. But I don't favour one over the other.

Husband Guddu, 21 - the aboriginal to accomplish her his helpmate insisted: We all acquire sex with her but I'm not jealous. We're one big blessed family. Guddu and Rajo got affiliated in an abiding Hindu alliance four years ago and he charcoal her alone official spouse.

But the custom in their apple is she had to yield as husbands his brothers Bajju, 32, Sant Ram, 28, Gopal, 26, and Dinesh - who affiliated her endure year if he angry 18.

Eldest brother Bajju said: I accede her my wife and beddy-bye with her like my brothers. Rajo cooks, cleans and looks afterwards 18-month-old Jay while her hubbies go out to plan in Dehradun, arctic India.

She said of the age-old tradition, alleged polyandry: My mother was aswell affiliated to three brothers so if I got wed I knew I had to acquire all of them as my husbands.

I beddy-bye with them in turn. We don't acquire beds, just lots of blankets on the floor.

I get a lot added absorption and adulation than a lot of wives.

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