Friday, 19 April 2013

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7 Things Women Find Sexy About Men

While personal tastes vary considerably, there are certain things about a man that are almost guaranteed to turn a woman’s head, and ultimately her heart. The more of these traits a man possesses, the better.

1. Confidence
This is a big one, and is present in body language, tone of voice, and in every way you interact with her. A healthy dose of confidence says you have something to be confident about; let her guess all that it entails!

2. Handiness
Men are valued more for their savvy when it comes to fixing things and it’s something women love, since this doesn’t come as easily to them. Fix her computer, leaky faucet or windshield wipers and she’ll think you a big strong man capable of making her life a little easier when she hits a snag like this in the middle of her hectic day.

3. Hygiene
Looking good and smelling good are crucial factors in the sexual appeal of a mate (and it’s only fair to assume that if you want to attract a woman who is put together nicely that you should put some effort into it yourself). Grooming, taking the time to dress well, applying light cologne or aftershave are some of the little things, which will attract a woman on a conscious or subconscious level, so it’s worth the extra time involved.

4. Generosity
No one likes a cheap date and if you seem selfish with your money or possessions, this will not up your hotness factor, but may decrease it considerably. This is not to say that you must spoil and pamper her and break the bank doing it, but make her feel special and like she’s worth it to you to spend a little money on.

5. Positivity
Life can throw some curve balls and it’s the men that can be positive through it all who look the most attractive. It’s definitely not sexy to hear a guy whine or always go to the dark side when things don’t go as planned; it appears as a lack of strength in character.

6. Attentiveness
Pay attention to her! When she speaks, listen with interest. When you are standing next to her, touch her or show her with your body language that you are into her. The fastest way for a woman to lose interest in you is for you to be more focused on the next woman walking into the room than her.

7. Keeping in Shape
Many men can grow complacent about staying in good shape and can easily let themselves go. Exercise has to be made a priority in your schedule and while you may think she doesn’t care about it unless you were to blow up like a beached whale, trust in the fact that when you are more toned and tighter, her attraction to you will increase noticeably.

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