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Celebrate women in Nigeria at the "Wise Women Awards 2013"

                     Wise Women Awards Nigeria
A good majority of Nigerians all across the country attend church in various denominations. Of this number, approximately 65-70% are women of all ages.

Women play a major role in Nigeria, churches and in our community as a Nation. Through their weekly offerings and tithes they fund much of the activities within the church, and through their work as volunteers they run or actively participate in the many ministries within the church and community.

It’s with these facts in mind that the first Wise Women Awards 2013, organised by Wisdom For Women International a UK based organisation in collaboration with Connecting Hearts Initiative, is scheduled to take place at Ikeja, Lagos, Sheraton Hotel on June 8th, 2013.

The Wise Women Awards 2013 will provide Christian women from across the denominational spectrum and across Nigeria with an opportunity to be recognised and nominated for their contributions in the world of work, church and ministry and win an award.

Pastor Marjorie Esomowei, the founder of Wisdom for Women International is the founder and brainchild behind the prolific Wise Women Awards, which it founded in 2004 in the United Kingdom to highlight and recognise the achievements of Christian women within the church and wider society.

It is Pastor Marjorie’s aim that the Wise Women Awards becomes, as it is in the United Kingdom, recognised for acknowledging excellence and achievements

There are a total of ten categories that are open for nomination by the public for the 2013 Wise Women Awards taking place on Saturday June 8th 2013. Click here to visit their website

YOU are invited to nominate Christian women that are making a positive impact in the following categories:

Woman In Business – This award will be presented to a Christian business woman whose company is successful, reflects her faith and supports local community or Christian initiatives

Woman In Missions – This award will recognise a Christian woman who is making an impact sharing the gospel and spreading gospel values in hinterlands (Rural Nigeria)

Exceptional Young Christian Woman (18- 25) – This award will be presented to an exceptional young Christian woman who is making an impact within the church and wider community

Christian Woman Serving In Media – This award will be given to a Christian woman touching lives through their work in media

Professional Christian Woman – This award will be given to a Christian woman who has a leadership/management role in a leading secular charity/business/organisation whose faith is inspiring them to reach high levels of excellence and to make a difference in their community

Woman In Ministry – This award will be given to a Christian woman who is a leader of a church or ministry who is impacting lives through her public ministry

Women In Music – This award is for Christian woman making inroads through their ministry as a gospel/Christian singer

Turn Around Award – This award will be presented to a woman who has, against the odds, totally turned their life around as a result of their Christian faith and is now helping others

Women in The Community Award – This award will be presented to a Christian woman who is positively impacting peoples lives in their local community, whether through a church, charity or voluntary organisation

Naomi Award – This award will be presented to a Christian woman of mature years (60+) who is actively serving her church or local community through good works. Click here to vote now

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