Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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From Bankhead to Buckhead: Turning Your Life Around in One Year

“Your honor, if you grant me this divorce today, in a year I will double what I am forfeiting.” These are the words Sabrina McKenzie said to the judge handling her divorce proceedings. Saying those words meant Sabrina would walk away from her marriage and her husband’s six figure income relinquishing any alimony or child support payments the court may have rewarded her. Unsure of what her next move would be, Sabrina knew her and her children’s survival was dependent on it being a power move.

Determined to find success, Sabrina spent the next year making drastic changes to her life. She confronted her problem areas and developed strategic practices and plans in an effort to reposition her life and support her family. Twelve months later, Sabrina had made good on her promise.

By consistently and relentlessly following her plan, Sabrina reversed her circumstances and became a part of the upper echelon of the “Big Rich Atlanta.” Sabrina and her family moved from Bankhead to Buckhead.

From Bankhead to Buckhead: Turning Your Life Around in One Year is a non-fiction, self-help book designed to assist readers in developing a strategically composed life map. Sabrina approaches life transformation from a holistic perspective. While sharing her experiences, Sabrina guides her readers in confronting their physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual problem areas while presenting practical procedures that can be permanently adopted as part of a new lifestyle.

Sabrina’s success is proof that you can succeed. And by developing your personal life map, you can make the successful journey from Bankhead to Buckhead.

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