Monday, 22 April 2013

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Mercy Johnson reveals her worry about post-pregnancy weight

Our mothers and sisters go through a tough nine months to carry us in their wombs before the eventual delivery. Some are unfortunately lucky in some cases where pregnancy goes beyond nine months and one can only feel the emotional, physical, and psychological stress that comes along with it not to talk of the delivery process. So we celebrate motherhood and cherish their beloved sacrifices.

But any case of pregnancy is that to be shared by a couple and husbands should be supportive of their wives during and after the pregnancy. One issue that usually comes to mind especially after pregnancy is the extra weight that a woman can have and there are incidences where some husbands scorn and act rudely at their wives for that.

For newly mother Mercy Johnson, she seems to be worried about that too and wants to quickly shaed off the extra weight with planned exercises to get to her pre-pregnancy weight;

“So my husband just looked at me now and goes “orobo ye, I no go fit carry my orobo but sha we don marry” in sultan’s voice. Gym here I come.”

Essentially, her husband seemed to have made comments to suggest she has added weight and he wouldn’t be able to carry her as he probably used to before. Should she be concerned? Are husbands justified in making such comments? Is post pregnancy weight a reason why most ladies delay marriage and pregnancies nowadays for fear that they may loose their man to another woman?

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