Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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Nigeria Actor: Desmond Elliot goes for Punk-Afro after months with dreadlocks (PHOTOS)

 desmond elliot

Styling and an overall presentable appearance is part of what is usually upheld for Nollywood actors. For some, wearing a cloth/dress that has been worn before to a previous occasion is not an option which demands the constant change and acquisition of new outfits all the time, and you sometimes wonder what happens to all the other cloths in their closet.

Last year, Desmond Elliot chose to go dreadlocks with his hair after spotting a regular low cut for years. Many were amazed at the new look and wondered what may have prompted the change. But he apparently doesn’t like that it any longer and has instead chosen to go with afro-punk as was the fashion in the 70’s and 80’s.

Like the new look? Which of the pictures above and  below will you prefer for Desmond?

Desmond-Elliot 2  Desmond Elliot 1


  1. I prefer the low cut.

  2. Love it.

    Looks like he just stepped out of the 70s (with the outfit and glasses).


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