Friday, 12 April 2013

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Taylor Swift vs Beyonce: Who wins the battle of the soda commercials

The long-standing battle of the soda giants, Pepsi vs. Coca Cola, just got even BIGGER, with two of music's heavy-hitters going head-to-head.

That's right, Xclusive-Africa! is putting Taylor Swift and Beyonce in the ring.

The debut of Taylor-Swift's Diet Coke commercial aired during American Idol Thursday night, and in signature Swift style, it's sweet and fun -- and catchy, of course, as she (and even the cook!) can't get enough of her hit "22."

While Queen Beyonce's Pepsi plug hit the small screen April 4 (teasing her newest single, "Grown Woman"), the 31-year-old diva shows she hasn't lost her golden touch by strutting her stuff in the dance studio before grabbing a Pepsi to cool down.

These future lyrical legends are at the top of their game, but who's going to come out the commercial champ.

Xclusive-Africa wants to know: Which soda singer does it better?

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