Monday, 8 April 2013


Toddler died after father tried to take a photo of him beside a riverbank

                     The father and toddler were under water for 20 minutes before rescuers found them
A father watched in horror as his son's pushchair rolled into a river after he'd posed him on the bank for a family photograph - then died trying to save him.

Father (Sun Wen) jumped into the water to try to rescue 18-month-old Son (Lin Sun) but they drowned before rescuers found them.

According to Dailymail,

The Father had arranged the baby buggy by the river bank in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, eastern China, for a picture to celebrate Tomb Sweeping Day, a Chinese holiday where families visit their ancestors' graves.

But Father (Sun) - who could not swim - sank beneath the surface and spent 20 minutes under water before rescuers could reach him and his son.

'He was taking photographs when the baby moved in the buggy and it just started rolling faster and faster down to the river.

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