Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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What's Going to Happen to Justin Bieber's Monkey, Mally?

A few days ago, Justin Bieber nabbed one of his most bizarre headlines to date when German officials confiscated Mally, the singer's 14-week-old capuchin monkey.

Apparently Bieber didn't have the right paperwork to bring Mally into the country — perhaps because the monkey was reportedly a gift for his 19th birthday, which passed last month. The monkey was seized by customs agents in Munich and put into quarantine, and Bieber was given four weeks to submit the required paperwork to uh, retrieve his little friend.

Bieber hasn't been to visit Mally since she was quarantined, as he's been a little busy with shows in Vienna, Berlin, and Hamburg. Officials say that neither he nor his team has been in touch with the animal sanctuary where Mally is being held.

Karl Heinz Joachim, the director of Munich's main animal sancuary, told Spiegel Online that the monkey is doing okay: "The monkey is cheerful and is eating well and has his replacement mommy [a stuffed toy cat] with it all the time."

Only time will tell if Bieber follows through for his little friend, but honestly, the monkey will likely be better off at a proper animal sanctuary than Bieber's party-friendly bachelor pad.

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