Wednesday, 22 May 2013

# Amber Rose # Angelina Jolie

Checkout what Brad Pitt did to prove his love for Angelina Jolie

 When a man loves a woman......he can't hide it, he will also bends rules, makes sacrifices to keep her happy......  Actually, Bradpitt just proved this theory as he revealed to Esquire magazine that he will stopped all love scenes with women in his films .He imposed this ban and let's all producers or directors know he won't be filming any sex scenes out of respect for Lover "Angelina Jolie".


Though this might cause him some roles but he doesn't care as he values what he shares with her more than any movie role. Ironically, he confessed he fell for her during their passionate scene in Mr& Mrs Smith.....

Also... Wiz Khalifa is also rumored to have placed a ban on being in compromising scenes with video vixens since he meet Amber Rose..All his recent videos flaunt him with guys or if women are in the scene, they don't stay close to him.

Question to Ask: How many male celebs can actually do this? Married and unmarried...They always say, my professional life is different and my woman understands..and when you see what they do in videos,  you wonder where the professional life ends and private one begins..

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