Friday, 31 May 2013

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Facebook Introduces ‘Verified’ Accounts, Possibly Starts with President Jonathan in the Country

Facebook has introduced verified pages and personalities, following in the footsteps of other networking elites Twitter and Google Plus.

The move by Facebook is meant to enable users to navigate authentic accounts of ‘prominent public figures’, thus tightening security on the site. In the past, celebrities and other personalities, even in Kenya, have complained of their identities being usurped by other users, thus compromising their brands.

Facebook gives profiles or pages that have been verified a blue tick of approval, just like Twitter, after internal processes of authenticity by Facebook.

‘The verification process is managed by a team at Facebook – they use a variety of signals to identify the celebrities and businesses that would most benefit from a verified profile of Page.’ representatives told The Inquirer.

‘At this time there is no way to request verification. Badge recipients will then be notified via Facebook notification and email.’

President Goodluck Jonathan seems to be the first in the country to have his account verified by Facebook, as displayed in the screen-grab taken above.

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