Friday, 3 May 2013

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Meet Michaela Weeks, Britney Spears lookalike who charges up to 3,500 pounds for a single appearance

She has the face of Britney, She has the eyes like Britney and she has wavy blonde hair like Britney .. but are we talking about Britney Spears here...Well, not Britney really but her look-alike and how. Michaela Weeks has a  similarity to Spears which is undeniable and she seems to be making the most of it. She has not only earned compliments from friends and family but also earned 300,000 pounds.

 Michaela, who's 25, charges up to 3,500 pounds for a personal single appearance. She's herself is a big fan of Britney. Michaela considers herself 'Lucky' that her resemblance to Britney has seen her travel the world on assignments.

Over the years she has earned 300,000 pounds impersonating the star. Michaela first realised her resemblance to the pop star when music video Baby One More Time in 1998 became viral and everyone around her starting calling Britney.

And the irony is that she hasn't met the super star Britney as yet. Well, keep going Michaela because you are still making a lot of money.

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