Thursday, 2 May 2013

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OMG: What is Kanye West's Mystery Tweet Referring To?


West sent out a strange and mysterious tweet. This wouldn't necessarily be news, as West is basically know for strange and mysterious tweets, but this tweet in particular is a date. What does it mean?

It is also Kanye West's only tweet, as he recently deleted his entire history. So what could Mr. West be trying to tell us? There are a couple things it could represent. Let's jump in.

Kanye West Has a New Album Dropping - It's possible that June 18th could be the planned release date for the as-yet-untitled album

Kanye West Has a New Baby Dropping -  If June 18th were indeed the due date, it would mean Kim is a little more than seven months pregnant currently.

Kanye West is a Third-Wave Feminist
June 18th serves as an historic date for several major feminists: it marks the anniversary of the day that Sally Ride became the first American woman in space, Susan B. Anthony was fined for trying to vote and Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly in an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean.
Perhaps Kimye is having a girl and Kanye wants to leave a subtle reminder for his daughter that she can grow up to be anything.

Kanye West Hates France
Recently in France with Kim Kardashian, perhaps Kanye did not have a very nice time. June 18th is an embarrassing day in French history, the anniversary of Napoleon Bonaparte's defeat at Waterloo. Not usually known for his subtlety, this could be West's vague message to the people of France

Kanye West is a Member of the Illuminati
There is an obsession, in a particularly insane corner of the internet, with identifying major celebrities who are supposed members of the Illuminati. "June Eighteen" could be a masked message to other members of the Illuminati. Written numerically, June 18th is 6-18. Six is one of occultism's most venerated numbers. Eighteen could be separated as 11+7. Eleven is, of course, double ones, a very sacred number in occultism and seven is a divine number, representing complementing ideas, such as days of the week and colors of the rainbow.

No, but for real, June 18th is a Tuesday, which means it's likely the release date for his new album. Also there is no Illuminati conspiracy.

Whats your Opinion on this? Kindly Share with us what you feel by using the comment box below.

Whats your Opinion on this? Kindly Share with us what you feel by using the comment box below.

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