Monday, 17 June 2013

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Boutique Fashion Champagne Brand Zarb's 'Be Different' Campaign

Boutique Fashion Champagne Brand, Zarb recently concluded their Drink Aware Naija! Programme & the excitement of the launch of their new Zarb Rosé Six Collection early this year in Paris with their ‘Be Different!’ Campaign & Photo shoot. 

'Since our debut in Nigeria in 2012, we have been thrilled with the responses of numerous Nigerians who want to be different & break away from the other regular Traditional Champagne Brands. We also want to use this opportunity to thank all our local Exclusive on-sale Outlets, Retail/Distribution Partners & most especially, you...our loyal & satisfied consumers’ – Brand Manager, Nigeria.  
The Zarb Champagne Brand, which is based on an unconventional idea with an unconventional look, is produced in the Champagne Region of France by a House with over 300 years of Experience in the art of making fine Champagne & their various Collections or Skins are designed by internationally acclaimed artists, photographers & designers. The Brand is Imported & Distributed in Africa by Beverage Xchange & Booze Ltd,  +2348180077777, 33132A40.

More information on Zarb Champagne can be found online at  & you can follow them on twitter - @zarbchampagne to win exciting experiences & invitations to upcoming exclusive events happening soon, in the nearest future. Local orders & enquiries can also be made online at  Zarb Champagne is usually only found in Interesting, Exciting & Unique Places, drank by People who truly are Different & don’t follow the Crowd.

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