Friday, 14 June 2013

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BREAKING: UNILAG Expels Protesting Students


Following the Latest protest by University of Lagos Students, the School authority has issued a statement expelling the student Leaders who initiated the protest along with all other students saying ” they are too comfortable in this school they need to leave”.

FNN discovered that the students are protesting the prices of cartons of ‘Vaseline’, ‘Jergens’, ‘chewing gum’, ‘Makeup kit’, ‘Condoms’ etc. among other things. According to the students, these prices are too high, and the Legendary school wanklords are also wondering why they have to pay so much to have self love , ” why do we have to pay to wank?” Continue...

However the Registrar of the School, in a comment to FNN said; “… If you know that you cannot afford the prices of goods and services offered by the school sellers, then go to your father’s house or you start using groundnut oil to wank, students cannot come to school to protest about high prices when they are always wanking”

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