Thursday, 13 June 2013

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Tribalism is an issue in Nollywood, Halima Abubakar speaks out!


Below is what Halima Abubakar have to say regarding her experience and observation of tribalism in Nollywood; read her statement and comment afterwards to share your opinion regarding the issue of tribalism in Nollywood.

“I have experienced tribalism, I know people would say it is a lie, but that is the truth.” “Why have those from a particular group not reached out to people who are not specifically from their areas?” she asked.

“I have worked with a lot of Igbos, my marketer is Igbo, I have worked with a lot of them and I know those I have not worked with, I have not seen the right roles for me yet, but I believe they will come. But how about others, who are independently shooting movies, does that mean those are the only set of actors in Nollywood?” 

“I am not saying they should give me roles, but there are people who want to see fresh faces. We need to give others opportunity to showcase their talents.”

What opinion do you have to share regarding tribalism issue in Nollywood? And what do you think of Halima Abubakar's complaint?

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