Friday, 12 July 2013

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Why I Changed My Name To 'Mr Raw - Ukeje Edward

The song "Obodo" is still as evergreen as ever but the singer of the song, Ukeje Okechukwu Edward, a.k.a Mr Raw, formerly known as 'Nigga Raw' , disappeared from the music scene and only recently reappeared with a new album featuring 2Face Idibia. In this chat with Weekend Groove, role model of upcoming Hip Hop acts in Eastern Nigeria speaks on his absence, his music and why he changed his name from 'Nigga Raw' to 'Mr. Raw'.

So what's new about Mr Raw?
A lot of things are new about me because presently I am still recording songs and doing other businesses. And there are a lot of artistes I am actually trying to help push their songs under my label 'Raw Deal Entertainment'. Presently, I have a new fifteen-track album titled " The Greatest " featuring 2Face Idibia and some other acts. And I can say the album is doing credibly well and two videos from the album titled "Asanwa" and "Forget Swagga " are already on air.

Tell us about your Record label?
My Record Label is called Raw Deal Entertainment. I started the Label in 2005 and presently I have three artistes who are signed onto the outfit. There's nothing much about it. Continue...

Why did you decide to own a Record Label ?
It all started when I first released my first album" Right and Wrong" that was the album that contains "Obodo", it made a big hit. After that album I decided to own my own Record Label since everything put into the production of the album was done solely by me.

Should we say the Record Label is actually taking your time enough to make you go off the scene for a while?
The Record Label has nothing to do with that, the thing is that I actually got myself involved in many other businesses within and outside the country. I am still very much around, doing my thing but the only difference now is that I don't do just music alone anymore. I have other interests

Can we know those other things you have got yourself involved in?
What I mean is that I am into importation of goods within and outside Nigeria and I am also into properties like an investmentor. Let's just say it's a kind of retirement plan that could come handy when I finally bow out from music. It's my back-up plan.

Source: Vanguard

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