Saturday, 24 August 2013

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Checkout Cheeky Cheryl Cole Rose Tattoo (Photo)

Cheryl Cole's full rose tattoo appears to have been revealed to the world in an Instagram snap by her tattoo artist.

And fans have been surprised to see that the design extends all the way across the singers backside and down to the tops of her thighs.

 The new image shared by Nikko Hurtado - in which a woman who appears to be Cheryl lays on her front wearing just a pink thong - reveals that it also seems to incorporate a rose on each buttock and more foliage around and beneath them.

He wrote: "Here is a in progress shot of a Tattoo I've been covering up and reworking. Really exited to show healed shots. It was some intense tattooing sessions. She's tough as nails."

Speaking to The Mirror earlier this year, Chezza said: "Nikko is the most amazing artist. It took 15 hours and was really painful. There's no particular reason I had it done. I just wanted to and I liked the design."

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