Wednesday, 21 August 2013

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Eleuterio Jewels debuts pieces at International Jewellery London 2013

From 1st to 4th of September 2013, Eleuterio Jewels will be at International Jewellery London showcasing at stand H139.
Eleuterio will showcase the most contemporaneous collections with focus in authentic creations made in pink and white gold with diamonds as well as the classic and traditional ones in yellow gold and filigree.

The exquisite quality of the detailed design reflects Eleuterio rich heritage in gold and diamonds pieces exclusive for women. Collections as Crystal Filigree and Couture Filigree reflect the attractive sophistication of the ‘Haute Couture’ inspirations.

It was in the height of the ‘roaring 20s’ – the glamorous jazz age – when Eleuterio started and built reputation combining the thorough craftsmanship of filigree with achingly fashionable art deco styling. Continue...

Couture Filigree Collection
A design inspired by Haute Couture with thin gold filaments of extreme delicacy, which draw from the traditional Portuguese filigree and showcase extraordinary craftsmanship.

In each piece of Eleuterio jewellery, the tremendous level of detail is evident. Eleuterio always kept in mind filigree traditions, aiming for excellence in detail and for the combination of techniques to achieve timeless and delicate pieces.

Some of their creations are inspired in oriental culture, others entirely in filigree and the 18th century, in the delicate lines of light, in timelessness of gold, in elegance and the romantic, in the celebration of art.
With 88 years of existence, Eleuterio has inherited and upheld this tradition, while bringing a unique creative flair which has brought the brand into the 21st century.

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