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Zen Magazine interviews Nigerian singer Douyé


Douyé is Nigerian vocalist, singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, USA. Her latest album includes a collection of 12 adult contemporary soul tracks and features production, song writing, and instrumentals from a host of top industry producers and music professionals. Zen caught up with the singer for a few minutes to talk about her music, all things fashion, and so much more. She also gives us the inside scoop on what we can expect from her latest album “So much love“. Douyé is a special artist. She has an incredible sense of humor and we loved every minute of the interview.

ZeN: What impact do you want to have on people who listen to your music?
Douyé: The realness of my sound means a lot to me. My writings, and my music are usually based on life experiences, so I would like it when people who listen to my music can feel the emotions I feel when I sing….. It’s a powerful experience….and I like connecting with my audience on that level. Continue...
ZeN: How do you create a single?
Douyé: When I write songs, I don’t necessarily start off by saying a particular song of mine will be a single. Because sometimes during the process of creating and recording a song, it doesn’t always end up as you the artist originally envisioned it. In a way, great songs write themselves by directing you the writer/artist on how to create it and record it. After recording, I pick a song as a single based on the freshness of the sound, bounce of it, the hook, how radio friendly the song is and how the audience will respond to it.

ZeN: What inspires you and your music?
Douyé: Basically, life and the things I experience or go through at that particular time or social issues that may be happening at that moment. A lot of things inspire my music!

ZeN: Tell us about your new album. What can we expect it in?
Douyé: My new project is titled “So Much Love” and it’s my sophomore project. I titled the project ‘So Much Love” because  so much work and love was put into the making of the it. The title was also picked based on my love and respect for the legendary, Fela Kuti which was how I got to write the song titled “So Much Love”, a tribute track to him. Click here to read full interview with ZeN Magazine

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