Tuesday, 24 September 2013

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BBALP Day 1: Bisila Bokoko meets the Vice President of Ghana at the Oguaa Fetu Afahye festival 2013

AN NGO called BBALP recently visited Ghana to donate some books to the library it built in Kokofu and also to donate some medicatition to the health centre in Kokofu. The CEO and founder of BBALP is Bisila Bokoko who is also a Queen Mother of Development for Kokofu in the Asante region of Ghana.

In order for us all to grow individually, Philanthropy work is needed in our generation. You don’t just help someone by giving, you can help someone by sharing, sharing a smile, a hug, a laugh, some toys or candies or just sharing your time to play with them. BBALP (Bisila Bokoko African Literary Project) went on an 11 day tour to Ghana.

Bisila’s first outing was to the OGUAA FETU AFAHYE festival 2013 which featured the Vice President of Ghana and all the Paramount Chiefs, and Chiefs of the Cape Coast region in Ghana. Continue...
The festival was a vibrant display of culture and colours, and was held just beside the powerful ocean waves of the Cape Coast. Bisila who was installed as the Queen Mother of Kokofu in 2011 “Kokofu is a town from the Asante region of Ghana” and as one of the Queen Mother’s, she is tasked with bringing development to the community through her NGO. Before Bisila could proceed to the festival she had to get dressed properly as a Queen Mother in the traditional attire.

 Next up below is image from the festival where one of the Paramount Chiefs riding in a constructed rectangular object called a Palanquin. The objects are carried by 6 or more people and the Chiefs are paraded around in front of everybody with drums playing in the background and cultural dances going on all around him. It’s a beautiful display packed with many locals, foreigners and dignitaries.
 Below are a few images from her getting dressed. Bisila’s traditional title is Nana Akwa Asentewaa Kokofunii (Queen Mother of Kokofu)
From left: John Hutchison, Bisila Bokoko, Carola Maldonado, Maria Angeles Toichoa, Marita Tasrov, and Arinze Nwokolo
The BBALP team on this trip comprised of the CEO & Founder of BBALP Bisila Bokoko, John Hutchison BBALP Ghana Project Manager, Maria Bokoko, Trained Nurse (She’s also Bisila’s Mom … we call her MAMA), Carola Maldonado Lawyer and Comedian, Marita Tasrov Architect and Actress, Arinze Nwokolo Founder & Editor of Zen Magazine Africa and William Enchil Video Director.

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