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Where to Shop Online In Nigeria

Nigerians shop online for a wide range of consumer products including personal gadgets like laptops, digital cameras, and smartphones, clothes, shoes, and personal accessories, furniture, fixtures and appliances, and even food items. This is not astonishing considering the several benefits of online shopping including ease browsing, paying and returning of items as well as good deals, discounts and sales, among others.

Where do Nigerians really shop online for products to satisfy their insatiable wants? In these four sites, of course; all of which are designed to cater specifically to the Nigerian market.

Konga Nigeria
This is an online shop for just anything and everything that individuals, groups and organizations want to buy! To shop online for the following products, then form a conga line to Konga, so to speak: Continue...
    Computer and electronics
    Beauty and personal care
    Home and kitchen
    Music, movies and games
    Sports, fitness and health

Jumia Nigeria
People shop for selection of personal gadgets, electronics and home appliances, among others on Jumia Nigeria. The items can be delivered to the doorstep of any given address, be it homes or offices at customer convenience within Nigeria for free of charge.

To shop online for any of these products, just register with the site, select the products, and pay for the items. The products should be delivered as soon as possible.

kaymu Nigeria is a site where buyers, bidders and sellers meet in a virtual marketplace for their respective businesses. Participants in the business transactions come from all over Nigeria to shop online for or to sell online their products including personal gadgets, clothes and jewelries, among others.

The site works in the following manner: The seller lists an item including its price, starts the bidding, and then chooses the bidder after a certain number of days. The online buyers who shop online for their items can then compete with one another, in this way, pushing the price higher. This is process may not be favourable to most buyers who avoid auctions and yet want to shop online for their vital and luxury goods.

Taafoo Nigeria
However, individuals who shop online for their personal needs and wants while also enjoying an auction format will definitely find Taafoo best for their preferences. Taafoo, this is an online shop for different kind of fashion items like clothes, shoes and jewelry for men, women and children.

The site is then limited to individuals who shop online for these fashion items but not for individuals looking for a wide range of consumer products for homes, offices, and schools, for example. For example, there are no other items here except for clothing products therefore, if you want to shop online for kitchen, bedroom and living room things then Taafoo cannot be the best place to be.
Mention what you want to shop online for and Konga will most to be expected have it in stock. However, since the site is managed by a centralized authority instead of operating on an auction system, buyers should not worry about the sellers not pushing through with the delivery or the returns or the expected quality of the items.

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