Saturday, 12 October 2013

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I have two kids, not 168 – African China reacts to rumour

African China has  has now react the claim that he fathered over 100 children after rumour hit the streets.

On Punch Saturday Beats, china react to the story that he has just two biological children and wouldn’t know what brought about the story of him having 168 children.

The light-skinned artiste said he is married to just one wife who has the two kids for him.

 “I don’t know what brought the rumour, I don’t understand where it generated from. You bring good news out about yourself and it is ignored but once it is rumour, it spreads like wildfire. I have checked the Internet and seen several versions of the story. In one, I read that I have 170 children and I saw some other figures in other sites. Do they want to kill me? Am I the King Solomon of our generation?” he queried.

He told Saturday Beats that this is not the first time such rumour would spread about him.

Currently, he said that he is working on the video of his new songs and would definitely do a song about all the tales peddled against him.

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