Thursday, 24 October 2013

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Post a free advert on in less than 3 minutes

You can now post a free advert on in much less than 3 minutes from your mobile or desktop. Team Roborebe has made the process of posting ads extremely easy and straight to the point. From the homepage, posting an advert takes just about 2 clicks and then your advert is posted. provides the best platform for buying and selling online in Nigeria. If you have something to sell, all you have to do is take a photo of it, go to and post a free advert with the details of the products and your contact details. Interested buyers can then view your advert and contact you for more information and meeting arrangements. Continue...

Do you sell clothes, shoes, bags, and perfumes? Did you know you can advertise your goods for free on  Did you know that you can now sell your old blackberry or other household appliances on and get quick cash?  You can sell your handmade beads, jewelry, catering services, cars, real estate and much more on the site with amazing ease. Even more interesting is that if you have an event, party, beach outing, or hang out, and would like to invite everyone, you can post an advert too.

How to post a free advert;

1.    Go to on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

2.    Click on the button labeled “Click Here To Post Your Free Advert”

3.    Fill in your advert details and click “Post”

How will you sell when no one knows about it? Post a free advert on now and let the world know about you.  Don’t let your dream die, go to and post a free advert to attract customers and increase sales. It’s free anyway.

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