Friday, 8 November 2013

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Long Prom Dress - Get Any Size & Colour

I'm a junior in high school and i'm not trying to brag in any way about my dress, and it's really an exciting thing to show you my long prom dress. This is the first long prom dress that i've ever want to wear it to dance, and i'm super excited about it because my prom is coming soon. In fact, i was not sure i was going to get one, but i did! And i love it so much, so i'm just going to show you what it looks like.

It's a super long dress for me, so i'm going to wear really high heels but i love it so so much. As my favorite color is purple, the dress is in purple, pink and blue, which i love because i'm not a plain girl, i also want it colorful. I love colors and shimmers too but i don't want it too shinning, so i choose these colors. And my prom is just in 1 month, i must get everything ready!

So here is what it looks like and basically what i love about this dress is it's not too bold on the top as it has a little v-neck, so it's not going to show my cleavage too much. And it has crystal beading all the way around the neckline, and the fabric is kind of layered on the bodice, you can see the color is really pretty. Floor-length Prom Dresses As going down, you can see the same colored skirt with the big flower pattern all the way to the bottom. It looks likes the flowers are flying out and the skirt it really flowing. Continue...

Another thing i like about this dress is it has a slit on the two layered skirt, it will fly out on either side when you walk, and it's really so pretty. Backless Prom Dresses I love this so much! And about the price of this dress, i'm really happy with my purchase, because the dress really has a great value! Yes! I'm obviously pretty in this dress.

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