Saturday, 4 January 2014

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Lisa Henry Omorodion made her first debut in Nollywood

Lisa Henry Omorodion has always wanted to be an actress and she made her first debut in Nollywood by being a producer as well.

With her new movie, First Cut, Lisa played the lead role as KC Morgan, Stars like Monalisa ChindaBobby Obodo and Emmanuel Imensah featured in the movie.

Directed by Chico Ejiro, First Cut tells the story of a young woman with a terrible secret and unanswered questions about a fateful night on her 18th birthday, when she was physically and emotionally abused.

Fate however smiles on her and a chance meeting with Kunle Lewis (Joseph Benjamin) lands her a job with a top fashion royalty. All seems well till she is drawn into a web of lies, power play and a love triangle. Events unfold and secrets about the fateful night unravel.

First Cut was premiered in Lagos last week.

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