Saturday, 1 February 2014

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20 of Africa's coolest designers, the quotes they said & their fashion

OK let's say you had a chance to document 20 of the most inspirational quotes from 20 of Africa's hottest designers, would you keep it at just 20 or add a few more?

Well, Zen Magazine are proud to announce that for the 1st time ever they have an article that documents inspirational quotes from African designers across the world. It was extremely difficult to keep the list at just 20 for so many reasons but they are happy to have finally gotten the list sorted and ready to be shared to the world. This post is meant to educate and inform, it's meant to be read, shared, appreciated, bookmarked, and whatever you do, please don't stop sharing it.

Visit Zen Magazine Website for each of the designers webpage  to check them out and buy a few items. Support the designers, support the fashion.

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