Friday, 16 May 2014

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2014 FIFA World Cup Expected To Add $3.03 Billion To Brazil's Economy

Brazil expects a total of 3.7 million tourists during the World Cup, with 600,000 of those arriving from abroad.

With nearly two million holidaymakers attending World Cup matches and funfests, the government said it expects tourism to provide an economic boost of $3bn to the country during the month-long tournament that begins in June.

Foreigners are predicted to be bigger spenders than Brazilian tourists, spending on average $2,500 each while in the country.

The government says it wants to use the World Cup to convince international visitors to keep coming back to Brazil after the tournament ends.

“These tourists who come for the matches will spend more money,” Tourism Minister Vinicius Lages was quoted as saying on “They are more qualified and we want to win them over during the World Cup.”

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