Monday, 12 May 2014

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Nigerian Music Star Esegine Allen (Orezi) talks about career and lifestyle

In a recent Interview with Punch Newspaper, Orezi talks about his Music career and also about the kind of women he tends to marry continue below to read how the interview goes.

Whatt are you working on currently?

I have a new song titled Shoki. I am working on the concept of the video. I am trying to make it global.

 What is ‘Shoki’ all about?

Shoki is a dance that is in vogue at the moment.  I got the inspiration for the song a couple of weeks ago while hanging out with a group of friends at Fela’s shrine in Lagos.  I saw some people dancing and when I asked, they told me it was Shoki, a new dance.  The following day, I went into the studio and recorded the song.  The record was released on March 27, a day before my birthday and the acceptance has been very encouraging.

 Do you have a full album out?

No, but the demand for an album has been increasing daily and I am going to drop an album very soon. I have always had songs that could make an album. At the moment, we have close to 100 recorded songs.  A large percentage of music lovers are tuned to Orezi at the moment and that is a sign for me to drop an album. Visit Punch Website to read the full interview.

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