Saturday, 14 June 2014

# Actress # Aneke Twins

Aneke Twins Reacts To Accusation Of Them Bleaching

Actresses, Chidinma and Chidebere (Aneke Twins) have been under fire since they released their hot new pictures online. In the pictures, the twins probably expected their fans to bathe them with compliments.

But what later turn up was that many people lambasted and criticised them, accusing them of using skin whitening cream.

But reacting to the accusation, The Identical Twins Reveals in a phone conversation with Punch on Saturday Beats, the actresses claimed they have never seen bleaching cream, let alone use one.

Chidiebere said, “I can’t bleach. There was a white background where we took the pictures. Apparently, they reflected on the pictures and sort of lightened our skin. Black is a beautiful colour,” she said.

In agreement with her twin sister, Chidinma said, “I have been using the same cream for the past eight years and it is not a bleaching cream. We hardly walk in the sun. Perhaps that is why our skin glows. I don’t bleach and my sister doesn’t bleach either.”

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