Tuesday, 3 June 2014

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Barack Obama to approve1 billion dollars to boost US military presence in Europe

The US President has called on congress to approve up to 1 billion dollars as a powerful demonstration of America's "unshakable commitment" to Europe

Accordint to RTV Reports, The United States is reviewing its military presence in Europe as a result of Russia's intervention in Ukraine, the White House said on Tuesday June 3 at the start of a four-day European trip by President Barack Obama.

In Warsaw, Obama said "I'm calling on Congress to approve up to 1 billion dollars to support this effort, which will be a powerful demonstration of America's unshakable commitment to our NATO allies."

The U.S. president also told reporters at a joint news conference with his Polish counterpart that the United States was not interested in threatening Moscow but cautioned that it would take a lot of time to rebuild trust after Russia's intervention in Ukraine.

"We recognise that Russia has legitimate interests in what happens along its borders and has a long historical relationship with Ukraine but we also believe that the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty have to be respected, that Russia has violated them."

Obama said more sanctions were being prepared against Russia if the West continued to see it engaged in activities that were destabilizing to Ukraine.

"We are going to maintain sanctions that are directed at the annexation of Crimea and that we have prepared the economic costs on Russia that can escalate if in fact we continue to see Russia actively destabilising one of its neighbours in the way that we have seen of late," Obama said.

Commenting on U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl who was freed from Taliban captivity after five years, Obama told reporters "we still get an American soldier back if he's held in captivity, period ... We don't condition that. And that's what every mom and dad who sees a son or daughter sent over to a war theatre should expect from not just their Commander in Chief, but the United States of America."

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