Thursday, 19 June 2014

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I Won't Follow Mom's Footstep - Kim Kadashain in New Interview

Kim Kardashian in her first interview since marrying Kanye West with Daily Mail, talks about she not wanting to follow her mother (Kris Jenner) footsteps on having more kids.

When asked "North West probably won't have five brothers and sisters", she answered...

“I don’t know if I would really follow in my mom’s footsteps and have six. I think that’s a little crazy. I don’t know how they did it. They were in their 20s and they weren’t thinking right,” Kim quipped.

“I like a big family so I would definitely like one more and see how that goes.”

She was also asked if North will be making brief appearances on this season's 'KUWTK.'

She asnwered... “For her own privacy we don’t have her on that much, but she is in it a little bit . . . as in, around the room. You know she’s there.”

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