Monday, 16 June 2014

# Abeokuta # Brazil

Sheraton Hotel Rio De Janeiro Welcomes Zuriel Oduwole

As part of her three continent and five nation special project tour in support of Girls Education, Zuriel a few days ago arrived in Rio De Janeiro from Sao Paulo - Brazil.

The General Manager of Sheraton Hotel & Resorts Rio, Marcelo Moretti was glad to personally welcome his youngest VIP guest the flagship property, perched right on the edge of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Carrying her 'tour footballs' that would accompany her on the 5 nation 3 continent visit including Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa and Mauritius, Zuriel and her crew were glad to make her Rio home the Sheraton Hotel, and were quickly settled in for her mission in that region.

Her next stop would be the 'favelas' where her message of a sound education for Girls would be key.

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