Friday, 11 July 2014

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Why We Have Been Away for So Long - Danfo Drivers

The duo of Mountain Black and Mad Melon of Danfo Drivers (real names Jimoh Olotu and Omeofa Oghene respectively), better known by hit single 'I am a Danfo Driver, Suo' are back after a long absence from the music scene.

The youngsters who sing Ajegunle's Galala brand of music have been chequered by many challenges and they reveals in Vanguard "chat with Weekend Groove" What really caused their absense in the Music scene and also what they are now Planning to do.

When asked about what really caused their absence in the music industry, they said: if you can remember in our song we said 'I want to go to UNIBEN', UNILAG for more education and that was what we did . Our staying away was to acquire education- nothing more. Now, we are back to give the best of what we know how to do.

And also they talk about what caused their split with their label. They said;
what happened was that we had a contract with Cornerstone, our record label and we agreed on a certain percentage as part of the deal. But when we were away in Mali for a Peace concert and in Portharcourt for another show during the last election, someone notified us that our marketter was printing our songs and selling it. That's piracy, and we weren't happy about it because we were not told and carried along.

So, when we got back to Lagos we confronted the marketer, who explained to us that it was our record label who gave the go-ahead. We felt cheated and angry, and we decided to break our contract with them.

Now, we are coming up with our own record label to be known as 'Danfo Drivers records' and hopefully, it will be launched in the next two months or thereabout.

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