Wednesday, 24 September 2014

# Addis Ababa # California

Zuriel Oduwole Releasing New Documentary

After a well deserved summer break following her successful #FollowTheBallForEducation program which took her to Brazil and 5 other countries on 3 continents in support of Education, Zuriel Oduwole is now working post production on her third documentary, due for limited first release in 4Q 2014.

Her first documentary in 2011 at age 9, focused on the Ghana Revolution, and she interviewed Presidents Jerry Rawlings and John Kufuor for that artistic piece. Her second documentary on the formation of the 1963 Organization of African Unity in 2013 won an award in California, and was also shown in Addis Ababa during the 50th Anniversary of the African Union in May 2013, an event she was invited to. For that piece, she interviewed the Presidents of Tanzania, Mauritius and Malawi.

In a change of focus with her quest to also Re-brand Africa by showing the positive aspects of the continent, she is profiling 4 African countries over the next few years, and her first country is Nigeria. Her up-coming documentary work would showcase 4 individuals from diverse perspectives, who in their own way are working to brighten the Nigerian narrative, despite the challenges of doing business or thriving in Nigeria. She hopes foreigners would see a promising Africa of possibilities, starting with Nigeria, when they see this new documentary, and future ones in the series.

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